DoubleTheSnake - double snake game



To control red snake use ASDW keys, to control blue one use JKLI keys on your keyboard or use buttons.

Double snake game is a free online variation of very old software. Two players have to move the right direction with their snakes to get the food. At the moment when they eat the food, they grow. In this free multiplayer snake game, two players may move across their own snakes. Get the food (the white dot placed randomly on the screen) to grow. Don't crash to opponent's snake or to the border, every crash takes three points from your total! DoubleTheSnake keeps track of eaten food and crashes and calculates the difference for you. You may also set the game over limit. Playing ends if a winning player reaches this limit.

You may also play without a second player, it's up to you...

Use a good web browser! Disable your extensions (AdBlock).

This is a free online JavaScript version, no installation, no plugins, enjoy in any good browser (with disabled plugins and extensions). The game uses MOOPH module (Module for Object Oriented Pseudomultithreaded Hypertext).

It is recommended to play this game on a device with a keyboard!

Double snake game history


DoubleTheSnake was originally published (without the calculation of points and texts) as part of the pseudomultithreading research project. Now it's on its own domain. It's a single person project / one man show.
This project was a one-day experiment. I've implemented the first version in about 6 hours without looking at any source code and from the empty file (I wanted to prove, that pseudomultithreading/MOOPH module works).


DoubleTheSnake consists of two pseudothreads. The pseudothread d.vykresli (in English "draw") periodically renders the game. The pseudothread d.soupniHada (in English "move the snake") handles all game logic. It calculates if the snake crashed to other snake or border, moves the snake, grows the snake and calculates if the game ended.


It's not a big project but every social activity (like, share, tweet, plus, ...) and donation are welcome. If you have an idea for improvement, feel free to contact me via email below.

Enjoy this double snake game!

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